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Your money is made on the road—not on the phone or internet searching for loads to move. That's where HDA Transportation can help. We have over 500 customers. We’ll give you the information you need to be successful with our shipments and we'll pay you fairly and promptly.


With HDA Trucking you will be able to get your trip information in a matter of minutes instead of days.

Benefits to You

  1. Get paid faster – no more waiting for the mail to deliver the documents.

  2. Eliminates the need to make copies before sending your documents.

  3. Keep your original paperwork until payment has been received.

  4. Ability to confirm that your invoices arrived for processing.

  5. You get a confirmation number immediately after sending so you know your documents have been sent.

  6. Total control of your documents because you no longer hand your documents off to someone hoping they do not get lost.

If you have trucks sitting idle or half empty, your assets can become liabilities. We help you optimize your truck or fleet usage by showing you available loads. We make it easy for you to choose which loads meet your equipment, capacity and routes. Through our secure online database you can:

  1. Submit a bid on loads

  2. Track your current loads

  3. Post your empty trucks

  4. Check your payment status

  5. Search for available loads by origin, destination, trailer type or pick-up date


At HDA Trucking, we have flexible payment terms, so you can choose what works best for your business and increase your cash on-hand.

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HDA Trucking
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